The Leg’s Go team consists of a group of friends giving their time and skills for Luc Huberty’s project: Leg’s Go. This project is about enabling amputees of lower limb(s) to (re)discover the joy of running.  The aim is not to “create” high performance athletes but to enable parents, friends, neighbours, … to run again with their relatives, to take part in sports events with the sole purpose to overcome their handicap.  And much more than the sportive aspect, Legs’s Go, through its action, enables amputees to rebuild themselves more easily, to have a better image of themselves, …

These challenges were the incentives for the paratriathlete Luc Huberty to launch his solidarity project: Let’s go. Unfortunately a running prosthesis is extremely expensive (from 8.000 Euros to more than 15.000 depending on the kind of amputation!) and are not covered by the social security.

Luc Huberty’s world fell apart, 13 years ago, when his car crashed.  His right leg had to be amputated.  He then thought about everything he would no more be able to do as running.

He took up the challenge and decided to buy a running blade.  But this dream cannot come true for everybody. As a matter of fact, his running blade costs around 18.000 Euros and no help exists in Belgium : “I had to search by myself for a coach.  There were no structures in Belgium. I had to go abroad for more information.”


With the Leg’s Go project, Luc Huberty wants to offer prosthesis to an amputee of a lower limb.  But also the coaching because the use of a running blade is completely different from a prosthesis to walk.


“When I started running, I was on a country road , it was raining, and I was running a 3.5 km/h.  I remember having been overtaken by 2 women of 60 years who asked me if everything was all right because I was moving slowly and with difficulties”.


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Executive board

lucLuc Huberty : President and founder of the Non-profit Making Association.

Téléphone : +32 477 822 779.

“When I learned running, I noticed the extremely beneficial effects of this sport for a disabled person.  On the one hand, from the self-esteem point of view : to be able to run whereas we thought no more being able to walk, is extremely rewarding !  On the other hand, health is improving thanks to the practice of a sport in the open air.  Further, the disabled runners are boosted by the encouragement of the public…  But, if, for an able-bodied person, running costs 150 Euro for a good pair of shoes, for a leg amputee, the expense is around 15.000 Euro without any reimbursement of the health insurance companies.


geneGeneviève Foret : Secretary.

Leg’s Gobecause it doesn’t only happen to others, and that, “it” happens, the extended hands help us to get up.



nathalie-lNathalie Liesens : Tresurer.

“  The Association Leg’s Go, it’s to meet extraordinary people, who are struggling every day to live with a missing limb and practice their sport.  Their courage and determination arouse respect and their joy of living is a message of hope for everybody”


nathalie-cNathalie Capiau :  Purchase Responsible – Textiles Sales

“What leads me in Leg’s Go, is the strength of the amputees to rebuild themselves through sport”




reneRené Croonen : Purchase Responsible – Textiles Sales

“ Leg’s Go  is to take part in the fulfilment of people who want to overcome their disability”




Our financial incomes

  • In order to offer a carbon running blade to a maximum of amputees of a lower limb, the funds-raising is made through :
    • The sales of textiles on booths or through the online store
    • Business sponsorship
    • Gifts
    • Events organizers, who support us (depending on the number of participants to the events)


How it works

An amputee of lower limb(s) would like to (re)learn to run …


First step :

A meeting in order to get acquainted with the candidate.  Then, a form is given to the candidate to get some information on his/her story, his/her career, his/her motivation, … 


His/her prosthetist is then contacted to get their opinion on the physical possibility to fit the candidate. It is essential that his/her usual prosthetist fits the candidate and this, for the sake of efficiency.


Second step :

This consists in testing a running blade, supplied to the candidate for a period of 1 month.  During this period, the candidate is accompanied by a Leg’s Go expert, for one or two races on a running track.


The scheduling of this trial is made together with the prosthetist of the person concerned.  The parts are fit on the existing socket of the candidate; the process for the switch between the prosthesis to walk and the one to run is fully detailed so that the person can easily make the modifications to switch between the prosthesis to walk/run and vice versa.


Third step :

If the trial is successful, the parts (knee, blade, connecting parts but not the socket) are ordered by the prosthetist and Leg’s Go requests the candidate to sign a fixed-term contract of 6 months.  The aim of this contract is a kind of probation time, during which the candidates will have to follow a few trainings of the group “Running for Their legs” and to commit himself / herself to some actions on the communication and visibility of the Association.

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